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MVCPager分页控件和AspNetPager分页控件是同一作者:陕西吴起娃,相信以前很多人都用过他的AspNetPager分页控件。MVCPager.dll可到他的个人主页去下载 MVC使用MvcPager进行分页 MVC使用MvcPager进行分页
本文目标:能够使用MvcPager进行分页。 本文目录: 一、MvcPager控件的简单使用; 二、C#扩展方法;
Enhanced PagedList for ASP.NET MVC
ASP.NET MVC已经发布了新的源代码,但不是官方版本。大家可以到看看。 在实际项目中,肯定不会像Scottgu的demo那么简单。比如我们需要将数据分页显示。这的确是一个非常重要的功能。 MVCToolkit下一个版本会包含一个PagedList<T>支持数据分页,但我已经等不及了。下面就是经过改进的分页类...
ASP.NET MVC "Pager" HTML Helper
So I am building my own custom blog using the ASP.NET MVC Framework, and I have been working on the paging aspect. I will be going into more detail how i achieved this but for now, I am publishing a HtmlHelper I have made which has helped me, believe it or not lol, in the paging. The way I have designed it also is kind of decoupled, so i see no reason for its integration into many other applications.
Simple HtmlHelper Extension for Paging in ASP.Net MVC
I am on my third implementation of paging for blog posts, and finally am happy~ish with the implementation :). I first had an inline for loop (not very reusable), then I moved the code to a partial view (it was ok, but didn't feel quite right), and now I have finally settled on extending the HtmlHelper object.
ASP.NET MVC - Pagination View User Control
Each website, content management system, blog and so on need "pagination". A never ending site with "foo-entries" is not very professional. Thats why i created for my ASP.NET MVC sample (a kigg / dotnetnuke similar page) a specific"Pagination View User Control"
ASP.NET MVC: PagedList<T>
In some of his demos, ScottGu used a method that we didn’t include in the MVCToolkit called “PagedList<T>”, which basically pages a Linq query. I’m hoping to include this in the next drop of the Toolkit, but until then, I have the code for you...